Customer Success Management

Customer success managers at Remoteapps provide ongoing support to ensure that Remoteapps technology is used effectively. The tasks of CSM, unlike those of a traditional support staff, are not confined to the solving of transitory technical issues. The CSM’s purpose is to keep in regular contact with the customer and guarantee that the Remoteapps system’s core modules or features are used to their full potential.

Success Management

CSM is the real game changer. Customer success managers at bpm’online provide lifetime guidance for the successful use of bpm'online technology. Unlike a classical support team, the functions of the CSM are not limited to resolution of temporary technical issues. The mission of the CSM is to constantly maintain communications with the customer and ensure that bpm'online system’s key modules or specific features are utilized in its entirety, and that the customer business goals are fully met.

Major activities performed by the CSM include

  • Contact with the customer on a regular basis.
  • Assisting the customer in becoming familiar with all of the relevant features.
  • Obtaining preliminary information and assisting the customer in resolving a technical issue.
  • Weekly and individual (on demand) webinars providing an overview of the Remoteapps system features and answers to customer inquiries.
  • Providing eBooks to customers to assist them better understand Remoteapps application.

Working with our dedicated Customer Success Manager offers a number of benefits, among which:

Due to the CSM's regular touch with the customer, on boarding is completed quickly.
Early user adoption: having the CSM answer all of your queries and explain all of the functions to you.
Greater system scale: your personnel will be well-trained during the webinars, allowing them to use the Remoteapps system to their maximum potential.
Higher ROI, lower TCO
With Remoteapps customer success service, you'll get a great client experience and superior assistance.