IT Management

Improve usability and performance of your corporate’s software management.

IT Management

Enhance the usability and efficiency of your company's software administration.

Case management

You can easily solve issues in your departments using our case management tool that runs using a ticket system. Corporate cases and complications can be raised and solved in an effortless manner.

Change management

Changes in roles within the company’s hierarchy are more manageable than ever. The change management tool gets you in deeper detail around the interchanges in roles yet keeping it simple when comes to the interface.

Access role

Our access role tool enhances the security of your confidential business data and ease the accessibility options of the users from the perspective of your privacy concerns.

Password wallet

The password wallet feature allows you to store all your passwords and other essential information in a safe password vault. Our tool can also automatically capture account passwords as you enter them on every website.

IT asset

The IT asset module is packed with features that help you import your assets conveniently. It also assists you when it comes to integrate processes including incident, problem, and change management to help you track all tickets associated with your assets.

Issue list

Our issue list feature helps you manage and filter issues by prioritizing them and filtering them based on the criticality of the issue to help you better ease their solutions.


Audit management helps your business streamline its audit process and comply with regulations or internal policies. Our tool helps you define, implement, and monitor auditing procedures for multiple purposes such as quality management, health and safety.

Contract management

Contract management assist you to create, negotiate, sign, renew, and gather actionable data on legal contracts. In addition, it helps you to self-serve from template sown by legal so your business can agree and manage routine contracts.


Our NDA manager automates and accelerates the process of requesting, generating, reviewing. And approving agreements with suppliers, clients, and partners. It can be a vital tool in protecting your company’s intellectual property and technology.