Human Capital

Provides you complete control of all the HR processes.

manage employees

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Track time

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Leave management

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Recruit top talents

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Human Capital

Remoteapps HCM provides you complete control of all the HR processes that your business requires to compete in today’s challenging environment. Our HCM module allows managers and HR professionals to perform all day-to-day activities including employee hiring, attendance management, payroll management, training employees, workforce planning, compensation, and benefits, all with automation and cost-effectiveness. It also enables the HR team to view employee detail in a more revolutionized way using our latest 360° employee profile system. Integrated to our cloud services all this information can be accessed anywhere across the globe making HR accessible to everyone.


Employee Central

Look at HR in a different light. Instantly get all the required information of your employees. With 360° employee profile you can get up-to-date record of your workforce. You can have access to any information of your employees including assignments, competencies, employee actions, and end employment records.

Workforce Planning

Get the most out of your employees by efficient planning. New projects can be seamlessly executed by headcount planning, budgeting, and defining job responsibilities. You can easily monitor your employee’s efficiency by keeping an automated record of their leaves and setting checklists to track task flow.

Workforce Management

Redefine how you keep an eye on your employees. Now you can manage your employee’s attendance, leave, training, and business trips better than before. You can also keep track of your employee’s work time and manage their working hours to enhance overall efficiency.


Get right person for right job. Save time by fully automating your employee hiring process. You can view applications in applicant pool with their qualifications, salary, and availability details. You can also generate reports of the recruitment process to check its effectiveness.

Talent Development

Train your employees, retain your employees. Get your employee grooming to a new level. Keep everything recorded about trainings including periods, providers, courses, and schedules. You can also cut down the training costs by scrutinizing the training requests generated by employees.

Performance Management

Get your organization a competitive advantage. Now you can set up a periodical employee evaluation process using performance management module. Its flexibility allows you to set departmental as well as individual assessment goals. You can also keep the record of all the awarded incentives in the form of appraisals and compensations.

Benefit Management

Keep your employee satisfaction in focus. Benefit Management offers you a powerful functionality to manage your organization’s employees cost. You can easily monitor payroll and view the total cash flowing in the form of salaries and other transferred benefits including allowances and bonuses.

Dynamic Payroll

Optimize your capital cost and maximize output. Dynamic Payroll provides an efficient end-to-end payroll management facility. Whether you want to import entries, make dynamic payments, or view payroll history, all this can be done with incredible ease on just one click.