Business Management

The most intelligent Business management tool ever designed.

Business Suite

Today’s business demands a more efficient, responsive, and market-driven solution to cater to the ever-changing market dynamics. Our Business Management module provides a real-time unified business management ecosystem that is adaptive to any business and can perform multi-disciplinary tasks more efficiently than before. Our Business Management solution helps reduce the operational expenses of business by streamlining the disciplines and improving overall operational efficiency.

Account Management

Our Account Management combines core accounts functionality with real-time business management to deliver an ultimate business experience. It offers you a complete insight into your customers, suppliers, and partners' accounts. Also, it provides a real-time comparison with your competitors to always keep you in business.


Our Sales management streamlines the complete sales process by unifying all the sales-related activities under one tab. Not only it allows you to make invoices, quotations, and payment schedules with just one click, it also allows you to dig through the map and look for any potential clients through opportunities to maximize your sales and hence the revenue.


RemoteApps Marketing tool allows you to change the marketing trends. It enables you to do smart marketing by exploring the market niche and finding opportunities, thus maximizing the output with minimum input. It also assists you in launching marketing campaigns by suggesting the potential opportunities and right time.

Product Management

Our Product Management tool addresses the complex multinational and multi-product needs of your company. It allows your business to categorize and sort your product lineup smartly. You can create product families to identify and differentiate your flagship products from others. You can also tag or code your products for easy stock taking.

Inventory Management

RemoteApps Inventory Management offers you a set of powerful warehouse management options where you can monitor and manage incoming and outgoing stock in real-time. You can generate product receipts, delivery challans, and stock transfer reports with just a single click. You can also perform virtual stock-taking and can make stock adjustments as per requirement.


Our smart Procurement tool helps your business manage procurement operations, including multiple currencies and vendors across geographies and nationalities. Payment against invoices can be seamlessly released while making requisitions, and purchase orders are now a matter of just one click.