Education Suite

The most advanced and unique education suite ever designed.

Education Suite

Remoteapps Education Suite offers diversified options and packages that transform your institute to a modern-day education city. It’s 21st-century digital tools automate your institutional processes by integrating the departments result engine fast processing. Its automation also allows your staff to make their job easier and hence increases the overall efficiency of the organization.  

Student Information

Student Information tool provides you a fully managed database of your institution’s enrolled students. You can browse to get any of the desired information about your students, sponsors, and contact details.

Program Management

Now you can manage all of your offered programs and courses smartly than ever before. You can check the currently offered programs and their accreditations. You can also check the course details, credit hours, and the number of enrolments by just a single click.


Managing your institution’s day-to-day tasks can never be so easy than this. You can easily manage class timings and schedules while keeping an eye on over lapping. You can also monitor the class activities and reschedule the missed classes to cope up with the syllabus.

Partners and Bodies

RemoteApps facilitates you to build strong bonding with your partners and accreditors to work in harmony with them. Whether you want to check the instructors' or partners list or check the accreditation or regulatory bodies, all can be done by moving your fingertip.


Now you can easily manage the enrolment process for all the offerings of your institution. Be it a single course or the whole program; you can instantly check the activity, the number of enrolments, and the duration of the course. You can also manage the income status for the specific course or batch and make the invoices with just a single click.


Our Education Suite assists you in multiplying your number of enrolments by bringing you innovative marketing strategies. You can generate and check the market leads and opportunities. Also, you can manage and run the marketing campaigns before and during the end of the batch to increase the influx.

Student Care

Student Care allows you to have your own student help desk. Now you can address any student-related queries and resolve their issues anytime, anywhere. Our Student Care feature also allows you to have a third eye via its live feedback option, where you can have feedback about any issue that needs to be resolved.

Digital Classroom

It’s time to go Digital. Now you can perform all your academic activities while staying in your comfort zone. Using our Digital Classroom suite, you can conduct online classes, have live course discussions, and can attend any meetings/seminars. Not only this you can submit quizzes, have an online examination, and can check assessment results by just one click.