Enterprise Portal

The best Enterprise Portal tailored to meet all your organizational needs.

Enterprise Portal

Empower yourself with our latest Enterprise Portal tools. Our Enterprise Portal allows its users to get a complete insight into the company’s policies while also enabling them to see what’s going on around them through corporate calendar and event galleries. Get instant access to any location or phone number, and don’t miss anything important to you.

Policies and Procedures

Save time; save money. Enlighten your employees by the organization's policies and procedures through a unified platform. Route all the SOP's and organizational notifications by a digitized platform without worrying about their delivery to each employee.

Corporate Calendar

Organize your calendar differently. Improve your efficiency by scheduling all your day-to-day tasks, meetings, and followups on a dedicated platform. Get instant reminders and pop-ups so that you don't miss anything important.

Event Gallery

Keep yourself informed by the event gallery. Get the latest updates about the events happening around you and feel yourself to be a part of it by going through the highlights. You can also browse through your organization's newsletter and refresh everything happened in recent times.

Phone Directory

Get yourself a personalized phone directory. Keep all your important and frequently used contacts accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

Announcements and Enterprise Social

Get social with your co-workers. Announcements and Enterprise Social brings you a unique social platform where you can share your ideas, pictures, and videos with your colleagues and create polls to know their opinion. You also get notified for big days, and you can welcome new employees using the same platform.

Forms and Templates

Now your company's database is at your fingertips. Get instant access to thousands of branded corporate template and forms for your official documentation. You can also digital assets including brochures, presentation and company profiles.